Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Photography Resources

Our scrapbooks start with the photography and having well shot photographs can immediately inspire page ideas. The desire to learn photography basics is the first step. Finding the resources to help us learn them is the next. I want to share some of my favorite resources for learning better photography with you.

Some favorite books:

Scrapbooks, Etc. Photography
If you haven't purchased this book, it's a must have. I cannot say enough about the wonderfully, informative contents.
Designing with Photos by Autumn Leaves
Not only is the book total eye-candy, but it was the first of it's kind, photography for scrapbooking. It's chalk full of content and the imagery is enough to make you want to run out and take photos, right away.
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
This is one of the toughest concepts to learn in photography. This book is simply well written and easy to apply. I have seen it recommended by scrapbookers countless times and it is well worth it.

Some favorite on-line classes:

If you are willing to spend some money to learn how to use your camera, then I have some wonderful on-line finds.

Courses that will fit any need are listed at this site, from beginning photography to specific photographic needs, it's all here.
IttyBittyActions "Memories that Rock" workshop
Learn how to photograph children in this course. Learn at your own pace with on-line articles, professional critique, session movies, and friendly forums. This is a fabulous course to take.

That should get your started. Like anything else, photography takes practice. Get your camera out everyday and take pictures. While some are born with a natural eye for photography, the rest of us can rest assured there are tons of great resources to help us achieve our personal goals.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekly Inspiration

These projects can't help but get your creative juices flowing! Hope you enjoy them at least half as much as I did! And thanks to the talented ladies who are sharing their creations with us!

I Am A Hero by Tammy Kay:

She by Megan Dorfan:

You Are My Sunshine by Katie Watson:

8.2 Miles by Brittany Soucy:

Planner by Lisa Voto:

Birthday Star Card by Renae Clark:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

September Hybrid Embellishments

Those were a few of the 8 papers we are featuring, and here are two of the embellishments!

Pictures of the K-Ology Addison papers featured in our September Hybrid


Sorry guys! Looks like thanks to Ernesto this will have to wait! I don't want to take the chance of not having power and having hundreds of orders waiting to be filled! I will get this up and running as soon as I find out what this hurricane is doing. Stay tuned...

Change that to HURRICANE SALE!

So make that a Hurricane Sale :) We just found out there is a hurricane headed right for us according to the weather channel, so we're thinking about putting the shutters on and getting gas for the generator and bunkering down again!
Sale's still on though - just maybe a little bit MORE for sale to get it out before the storm :)

End of Summer Clearance Sale!

Okay, so it is actually a "My husband is building me new storage for my office and I want it to start out empty" sale, but it's the same idea, right? :)
I am going to start uploading items tonight in the hopes of having it all in by tonight so I can put it live before we leave for Disney tomorrow. Orders will start shipping on Thursday, unless you want them held and shipped with your kit.
Shipping charges will be as follows:
Domestic orders shipped alone (without a kit) now: acutal shipping
Domestic orders shipped with a kit (will be held until 9/15): no additional shipping charge
Internation orders shipped now OR with a kit: actual shipping charges and customs tag will reflect price paid.
So just to whet those scrapping appetites, here are some examples of what you will see: patterned paper by the sheet from $.25 a sheet, in sets or packs, from $.20 a sheet! Chipboard from $2.00! Inkpads from $1.25! Adhesive runners from $3.50!
Please keep in mind that my mini-vacation starts this evening and will run through Wednesday, so I will be answering emails after that, and shipping will begin on Thursday.
There is so much stuff to get rid of, I know everyone will be able to find SOMETHING they can't live without! Hope you find yours!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Journaling Prompt

I have this box of photos. They are very old and very important to me. I know the people in the photos are family. I know they had lives of interest, that they had dreams, goals, hopes, desires, failures, and successes. What I don't know is who they are and what those lives of interest were, nor what their dreams, goals, hopes, desires, failures and successes were. When my Aunt passed away from an aggressive cancer a few years ago, an entire library for my family closed. She was the record keeper. She always had been. I had been scrapbooking for years before she was diagnosed. And, even after she was, I never took the time to interview her nor to sit with her and find out about my family members in these precious, now meaningless, photos. I knew better. Really, I did.

My scrapbook journaling up until then, consisted of a name and the date. After my Aunt's death, my perspective changed. I started to realize that my journaling was, also, meaningless. Yes, it's great to pass down the name of the person in the photo and the date, but what does that truly say about that person? Nothing. The next generation will have names and dates, but what happened to the "history"? As I flip through my first books, I find I have shared with future family members what I did for each and every holiday for three years. In many cases, the activities were the same. The tradition was obvious, but not the why of it. It dawned on me that I am not what I did for New Year's, I am not what I did for Easter, I am not what I did for..., etc. None of what I did has much to do with who I am. After this clicked, I began to journal with a new purpose. I want my children to hear my story from me. I want my children to know who they were, what they were saying, and what they were feeling growing up. I decided that them becoming a name and a date, simply wasn't enough. It's powerful to hear that someone has experienced something you are struggling with, to know you are not alone, and that it can be solved or gotten through. I want to leave some of that behind. More importantly, I want our histories, the who we truly are, to be recorded.

When I sit down to journal, I try to think of it as telling a story. I sometimes pretend I'm rehashing something to a girlfriend. I do this everyday with my friends. It's my personal gossip. I'm just telling them about my day, about me, about my son, etc. So, when I think of journaling as telling the tale, it takes the pressure off and allows me to get the story down on paper. It no longer feels like I'm trying to write the cool comment in the cool person's yearbook. When I sit down to scrap my photos, I think about what I'm trying to say. For example, let's say I have some pictures of a day at the park. Am I just showing a fun day of running around at the park? Or, am I sharing with my son why a day of running around the park had meaning to me and him? I'll share a journaling example of each scenario above to demonstrate the difference:

Scenario 1 (showing a cool day of running around at the park):
Page title: "Park Day"
Journaling: Dylan loves playing at the park. On this warm summer day he enjoyed running around, playing in the sand, and going up and down the stairs and slide. It was a fun time all around.

Scenario 2 (sharing how a park day had meaning):
Page title: "The Glimpse"
Journaling: It looks like your average day at the park. Dylan is playing on the park equipment in the photos and having a blast, as can be seen by the giant smile on his face. What I wasn't able to capture on film was the moment I saw some of Dylan's personality ring out. You see, a little girl was happily playing in the sand when a bigger boy came over and snatched her toy away from her. She was distraught. I saw Dylan watch this happen and I figured he'd continue with his play. Instead, I watched him walk over to the little girl, pat her on the back and tell her "it's ok". I watched him find her a new toy and sit with her to play. I saw her beam up at him with joy and could feel his pride in himself. I saw on this special day a tiny glimmer of the man my three-year-old son is becoming. I felt so proud I could hardly breathe. I saw through my tear-stained eyes, the appreciation of another mother who's little daughter had been wronged and righted all in the span of a few minutes. This was no average day at the park. This was a day a Mother caught a glimpse of her son's true heart.

We experience meaningful stories in our everyday activities. It's just a matter of taking the time to write them down before we forget them. Were I going through a scrapbook my Grandmother had done of my Father at three and found a page about the park, you can bet, I would much rather read the second scenario, than the obvious first one.

Ask yourself before you start scrapping your pictures, what it is about those pictures that is meaningful to you (do I have a story to tell?) and watch your page idea take form and blossom. Most importantly, enjoy the process. Not every page I make has journaling like this, but I make sure more do than don't. After all, it's the journaling that separates the scrapbook from the photo album.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Technique of the Month: Water Layouts

If you are like me, you probably have quite the stash of water pics! To do each one a little differently can be challenging sometimes. After all, they were playing in the water in all the pics, you know! Here are some quick ideas for you to use.

Using my August Hybrid Kit, I created the feeling of "waves" by cutting out the flourishes in the Cherry Arte Paper... the rub-ons from the kit were added to look like water droplets.

In this next picture, I created the feeling of movement by using a longer picture. The letters for the title were not all lined up. The arrow at the end (from the July Hybrid kit) further adds movement. Now if you look closely, the blue circles are a “top-secret” product. Just top-secret from DH, who wonders why I buy this non-scrapbooking stuff when I have a HUGE stash of real scrapbooking stuff! So what are those blue circles? They are from the Dorm Curtains that are being sold right now in the Target $ spot! I punched them out with my circle punch, and added the black dots around using a sharpie. The Rhonna Farrer Swirl stamps worked well here. I used the same stamp three times, and used the curves to write the journaling on.

Here is another idea, for those bath-tub pictures. In this one, I cut the picture – a regular 4x6 pic. I used Heidi Swapp fuzzy paisley rub-ons, and eyelets to create the look of water droplets. This was a clever trick I learned over at 2peas.. from a very talented scrapbooker.

And lastly, here is one last idea.. using the April kit papers! Again paisleys make for great water drops!

Enjoy! Summer may be ending. But create those summer pages.. and enjoy the memory all winter long!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Line-Up Lined Up

Catchy eh? :)
Some of you requested a composite list now that the main lines for the September, October and November kits have been revealed. Well, ask and you shall receive!

K&Co K-Ology Addison
Chatterbox Doodle Genie

Heidi Grace In Bloom II - The Wildflowers (glittered and flocked!)
Scrapworks Canvas Collection Citrus
Making Memories Cheeky Emery
Heidi Swapp 3 inch tall Ghost Alpha in Lemonade Stand RED!

Imaginisce - Sam and Abby Collection

7Gypsies Capri
Imaginisce Far East
Basic Grey LilyKate
Basic Grey Number Pile Chipboards, LilyKate ribbon, and lace edged rub-ons
7Gypsies 97% Certifiable Seal - Circle Stamp

Fancy Pants Free Spirit
FP Biggest Board Chipboard and Primas

Li'l Davis Glitter Garden

TBA - We haven't given it ALL away yet!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

November Trilogy Reveal - Check out this adorable little album!!!

It's scalloped AND sparkly - impossible to resist! And you will find it in your November Trilogy!
I just realized after posting this that you can't tell AT ALL how adorable it is! The cover is all glittered mint and it is OH SO CUTE! It looks plain and washed out in the photo - not true to life AT ALL!

And to complement that sweet mini-album perfectly, we have chosen the Li'l Davis Designs Glitter Garden papers (2) and the Mint Glitter Flowers! Wait until you see this stuff in person! You will want to glitter everything to match! :)

Two-For-One Trilogy Reveals

I forgot to post the final October Trilogy reveal last night, so tonight you will get one for October and one for November!!!
I know Blogger is having some image upload issues, so this may take a few posts... We'll start with October...
The third and final line for the October Trilogy is (drum roll please)...
Basic Grey LilyKate!

Now the pictures (again) do not do this paper justice, but if you have seen it in person, you know just how beautiful it really is. And as if that isn't enough, the ribbon is to die for!

So we put some of that in there too...
And some of those FABULOUS new lace rub-ons in white of course!

And last, but not least, my favorite - the Chipboard Number Pile set! I have been beggin any and everyone to make gigantic monogram-size number stamps because I LOVE to use numbers on my LO's! Well, BG has done the next best thing(or maybe even better) with their Chipboard Number Pile!

The set contains TONS of numbers, descriptives, circles, etc.! It's SO SNAZZY!!!! A definite must-have, so we MUST give it to you! :)
Okay... November Trilogy coming next. Stay tuned to this station!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tuesday's 12x12 Sketch - Three of them!!

Yes, that is right! Three 12x12 Sketches for Tuesday!

I went on vacation early in August and I just got back. I was unable to do the sketches, while I was away. But went on a sketch craze when I got back. So, I hope you like these.

First Sketch:

My Layout Based on Sketch:

I love using circles. You are able to use so many different kinds of Patterned Paper in a layout. And you all know how much I LOVE using patterned paper! I also added a few more circle embellishments.

Products Used:

Homegrown Scrapbooks Hybrid Kit - June 2006

Gin-X Take a Vacation collection:
Eddie's Homestead, Aunt Edna's Patio, Rusty Rings, Super Sports Wagon, Wally Moose Tracks, Large Ball of Twine
Guacamole cardstock
Applesauce cardstock
Gin-X Flower Coasters

Second Sketch:

My Layout Based on Sketch:

Products Used:

Homegrown Scrapbooks Trilogy Kit

Queen and Co. You Go Girl Sprinkle Brads
Deluxe Designs Plain Jane Chipboard Shapes:
Spring Lipstick cardstock
Heidi Swapp florals
Rob and Bob Studios Butterfly Surprise, Frenzy Flowers, and Aqua Frenzy Stripe patterned paper
Cricut Font Stamped

Third Sketch:

My Layout Based on Sketch:

I did not have enough photos for the 3 spots on the title page, so I substituted embellishments for them. You can also substitute patterned paper for those spots. One sketch, many possibilities.

Products Used:

CherryArte Basic Blue Line -Basic spots,Basic Circles, Basic spots
Bazzill Cardstock
EK Success Tile Bubbles
Junkitz Tilez Junkitz Trimz
Junkitz Collectionz Alphabetz
Lasercut die cut (picket fence)
Doodle bug Alphabet rubons
DoodleBug Ribbon
Making memories photo corners (arrows)
making memories word eyelets
making memories Halloween metal
heidi swapp cardboard brackets
heidi swapp plastic letters (they were pink but I painted them orange with making memories paint -poppy)

Weekly Inspiration

Enjoy this week's inspiration, and thank you to the ladies who were willing to share their awesome creations with us! :)

Those toes by Laura Carter:
Starting Second Grade by Kim Weiss:

This Guy by Kate Thaete:

Moonshine by Sandi Peiffer:

Love of My Life card by Betsy Veldman:

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I have finally regained all the living area of my house!

That's right! The last boxes hit the post office yesterday! And I hit the bed at 8:50 p.m. last night! Good thing too since all the kids decided to wake up BEFORE 6 a.m. this morning! We tried explaining that it was still dark outside and therefore it was still night-night time, but to no avail... I wish I had their energy!
Of course the corrected MME order arrived Tuesday and I couldn't get anyone to help this week, so I've been up until the wee hours every morning packing and packing and packing. The post office was so glad when I came in yesterday and told them it was the last shipment that they actually brought out a bottle of wine! HA!
Perhaps I should explain that I use a contract unit that is also a wine shoppe :)
Anyway, they're all out and on the way!!! If you haven't received your box yet, it will be there soon!!!!!
Now I can start getting ready for September...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fancy Pants Free Spirit Photos

Wouldn't let me add them to the last post, so here is the addendum! :)

Still waiting?

Still waiting for those Fall Line-Up reveals???? Okay, happy TGIF to you - here is what you've been waiting for! And since I am still two reveals behind because I've been so busy packing you get three for the price of one!
That's right - the October Trilogy reveal I hinted at, the final September Trilogy reveal, and the November Hybrid reveal - all today!
First things first!

I mentioned a circle stamp - and boy is it great! Your October Hybrid will contain one of the FANTASTIC new 7gypsies 97% Certifiable Round Seal stamps! If you haven't seen these, you're missing out because they are sooooo yummy! (Yes, we have ordered other varieties for the BAP section!) And OF COURSE you will need the new 7gypsies Capri paper to go along with them! And maybe a portfolio... Oh! And some of those adorable 97% complete tags... Okay I really must stop or I'm going to give away the WHOLE KIT!

So we've already divulged the first two paper lines for the September Trilogy, and while you may not have noticed this, and now it's time for number three! Perfect for back to school, and perfect to add a little fun to your Fall projects, this third paper line is going to put you in a very creative mood...
Announcing Making Memories Cheeky - Emery!!!

Flowers and dots and words, Oh my! These papers are SO much fun - you will be instantly inspired! And to go along with them, we have the new Heidi Swapp 3" Lemonade Stand Ghost Alphabet in RED! Wait until you see these gi-normous red ghost letters - they are to die for!

And if you have giant letters, you also HAVE to have giant puzzle pieces to alter - let's say about 5 inches or so??? Sound good? Then you're in luck - we have those too! I bet you can't wait!!! :)
If you think September is far away, what about November? That's three MONTHS away! But here is something for you to look forward to... Fancy Pants Free Spirit! Oh, and if these GORGEOUS papers aren't enough to get you excited, have you seen their new Biggest Board chipboard shapes? They are 12 inches square - 1 whole square foot - of scrapbooking bliss!
Still not convinced? Perhaps you'd like the matching primas? Okay! We'll do that too! :)
Okay I will give you the weekend to think all of that over... Sweet Dreams!!!

Grrr... Blogger is not letting me upload photos - I'll try again soon! :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two more reveals - September and October Trilogies

For the September Trilogy, we have chosen 3 great lines - very fun and flirty! I am going to post images, though I really do hate to do so as they do not even begin to do justice to the actual papers. They don't even appear 25% os lovely as they do in person, not to mention the fact that you can't touch them - interaction really is the key to this line!
Perhaps the most tactile of these paper lines is the new In Bloom II Wildflowers line from Heidi Grace.

We've chosen gorgeous shimmer papers that are glittered and flocked, as well as some of those signature Heidi Grace unique embellishments to complement them.
And with that, Delainey has awakened and I must go. But check back later for that October Trilogy reveal!

More Fall Line-up Reveals

Well I came back from the weekend all ready to get posting some serious reveals, and I had no internet access!!! A day and a half later I finally got it back but then I was busy packing boxes!
The boxes are packed and ready to go and will start shipping today. I think it is safe to say that they will all be on the way by Friday at the latest.
Eli (my oldest child) started school this week too. Have you ever noticed how much it disrupts a toddler's schedule to change ANYTHING that they normally do? Well my middle child, Noah, has had all kinds of issues this week now that his big brother is gone. All I have heard is wailing every morning. "I want my ELI! I want my ELI!"
Apparently Eli is VERY excited too - it took him over 5 hours, yes, FIVE HOURS, to go to sleep last night! Geesh!
That's a little background to let you know what's going on here in the Homegrown Home! :)
Without further ado, I will reward you for reading this far with the info you're really looking for...
The September Hybrid will feature the new K-Ology line Addison by K & CO.! Now those of you who know what a huge Grey's Anatomy fan I am know that it was very hard for me to choose a line named Addison (fyi I am ordering a Team Meredith shirt to balance this out! :) ) but once you see the papers, you will know why!
They are BEAUTIFUL! Lovely blues and greens - typically K & Co fabulous all the way! We've chosen the coordinating chipboard alphabet, gem stick pins, and luxurious suede cobalt blue ribbon to complement all EIGHT of the gorgeous papers we chose! (I haven't received the image disk yet, but as soon as I do, I will post photos)
Oh, and did I mention the Doodle Genie????? Yes, that's right! This month's Hybrid Kit will feature a new Chatterbox Doodle Genie and just wait until you see this in person! It is as addicting as the glitter glaze - I promise! It even comes with a coordinating pen that matches your kit - how perfect is that?
(Once the addiction takes over, know that we will have the other Doodle Genies available for individual purchase in the Bits and Pieces section :)!
We only have a few of these to sell individually this month, so we are posting the content list with a purchase option now. Once these are sold out, we will NOT re-order. My last experience with re-ordering was enough stress to last a lifetime!
Also, we have ordered some of the GORGEOUS new Frappery Jewelry kits from K & Co. These will be in the Bits and Pieces section as well, and will of course have FREE SHIPPING with domestic kit orders. We've also ordered the punches to go with the jewelry - they punch your photo or paper in the exact size that you need for creating your bracelet, neclace or broach! These will also be going into the Bits and Pieces section this week.
Okay, so that's the September Hybrid. I'm going to go refill my coffee and then we will talk some more about the October Trilogy. Can you say Circle Stamp? oooohhhh la la!