Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Fall Line-up Reveals

Well I came back from the weekend all ready to get posting some serious reveals, and I had no internet access!!! A day and a half later I finally got it back but then I was busy packing boxes!
The boxes are packed and ready to go and will start shipping today. I think it is safe to say that they will all be on the way by Friday at the latest.
Eli (my oldest child) started school this week too. Have you ever noticed how much it disrupts a toddler's schedule to change ANYTHING that they normally do? Well my middle child, Noah, has had all kinds of issues this week now that his big brother is gone. All I have heard is wailing every morning. "I want my ELI! I want my ELI!"
Apparently Eli is VERY excited too - it took him over 5 hours, yes, FIVE HOURS, to go to sleep last night! Geesh!
That's a little background to let you know what's going on here in the Homegrown Home! :)
Without further ado, I will reward you for reading this far with the info you're really looking for...
The September Hybrid will feature the new K-Ology line Addison by K & CO.! Now those of you who know what a huge Grey's Anatomy fan I am know that it was very hard for me to choose a line named Addison (fyi I am ordering a Team Meredith shirt to balance this out! :) ) but once you see the papers, you will know why!
They are BEAUTIFUL! Lovely blues and greens - typically K & Co fabulous all the way! We've chosen the coordinating chipboard alphabet, gem stick pins, and luxurious suede cobalt blue ribbon to complement all EIGHT of the gorgeous papers we chose! (I haven't received the image disk yet, but as soon as I do, I will post photos)
Oh, and did I mention the Doodle Genie????? Yes, that's right! This month's Hybrid Kit will feature a new Chatterbox Doodle Genie and just wait until you see this in person! It is as addicting as the glitter glaze - I promise! It even comes with a coordinating pen that matches your kit - how perfect is that?
(Once the addiction takes over, know that we will have the other Doodle Genies available for individual purchase in the Bits and Pieces section :)!
We only have a few of these to sell individually this month, so we are posting the content list with a purchase option now. Once these are sold out, we will NOT re-order. My last experience with re-ordering was enough stress to last a lifetime!
Also, we have ordered some of the GORGEOUS new Frappery Jewelry kits from K & Co. These will be in the Bits and Pieces section as well, and will of course have FREE SHIPPING with domestic kit orders. We've also ordered the punches to go with the jewelry - they punch your photo or paper in the exact size that you need for creating your bracelet, neclace or broach! These will also be going into the Bits and Pieces section this week.
Okay, so that's the September Hybrid. I'm going to go refill my coffee and then we will talk some more about the October Trilogy. Can you say Circle Stamp? oooohhhh la la!

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Lori Gentile said...

Oh YUM! I so cannot wait for these! That Addison paper is GORGEOUS! I'm really excited about the doodle genie, as well! Great kit, Steph!