Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today's font is Greer, the same font used for MM's Philadelphia foam stamp set. Greer can be found here:
The list is alphabetical. Jump to the g's for this font and check out the others!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally back and better than ever!

We're officially in Indiana!
We arrived safely after a four day trip from Southern Florida to Northern Indiana and are busy setting up our new home. It is going VERY SLOWLY!!! We've never moved with three small children before and let me tell you we are like a herd of turtles! Not to mention it is currently -1 with the windchill, and the coldest these kids have ever been in is 40! :)
But they're learning quickly! Here's Eli's Snow Angel...

And here's Noah's...
And Bryan and the boys playing football in the snow in our front yard while I photograph from safely inside my warm dining room!
We LOVE it here! The snow is great and I love the cold. The kids especially are really enjoying it! :)
Our new home is 133 years old and so full of character. So many people have done so many AWFUL things to it while "decorating" ack! but we are here to rescue it!!!
Bryan is flying back home next week to tie up loose ends at work and with the house, so it will be just me and the three munchkins, packing and shipping kits. I haven't found the post office yet, so this may be interesting :). Our mail is delivered into a small red metal mailbox next to our door by a postman who walks and carries a bag! Forgive me for being so excited by this, but it is so indicative of how quaint this small town is that I am just thrilled to pieces! :)
I will post updates here next week on how the shipping is going - it looks like the kits will start going out on Wednesday since I'll be taking him to Chicago on Monday to catch his flight, and that will be an all-day affair.
In case you missed the news about our three new additions, we have added three new add-on kits to our monthly line-up. These new add-on kits coordinate with our Hybrid and Trilogy kits and contain tons of beautiful embellishments and tools to make playing with our yummy kits even more exciting!
Experience Shimmer for all that glitters and shines! Add a little bling to your creations with glitter rub-ons, shiny florals, pearl buckles, transparent overlays and more.

Adorn your pages with embellishments that will add more dimension to your project! This month we've put together a collection of ornate silver snowflakes, tons more buttons, decorative printed ribbons, and metallic brads full of panache!

And go all out with our Flourish kit! From tools like the Tia Bennett Doodle Tagged Acrylic Stamps and the best paint applicator you'll ever use, to rub-ons galore, this kit is brimming with possibility! Take a look and we're sure you'll agree that you simply must add a little flourish to your stash!
And last but not least, a sneak peek at March:

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!!!!!