Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two-For-One Trilogy Reveals

I forgot to post the final October Trilogy reveal last night, so tonight you will get one for October and one for November!!!
I know Blogger is having some image upload issues, so this may take a few posts... We'll start with October...
The third and final line for the October Trilogy is (drum roll please)...
Basic Grey LilyKate!

Now the pictures (again) do not do this paper justice, but if you have seen it in person, you know just how beautiful it really is. And as if that isn't enough, the ribbon is to die for!

So we put some of that in there too...
And some of those FABULOUS new lace rub-ons in white of course!

And last, but not least, my favorite - the Chipboard Number Pile set! I have been beggin any and everyone to make gigantic monogram-size number stamps because I LOVE to use numbers on my LO's! Well, BG has done the next best thing(or maybe even better) with their Chipboard Number Pile!

The set contains TONS of numbers, descriptives, circles, etc.! It's SO SNAZZY!!!! A definite must-have, so we MUST give it to you! :)
Okay... November Trilogy coming next. Stay tuned to this station!


Lori Gentile said...

Cool! I love all the BG goodies! That paper is so pretty!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Ok I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!