Friday, August 18, 2006

Still waiting?

Still waiting for those Fall Line-Up reveals???? Okay, happy TGIF to you - here is what you've been waiting for! And since I am still two reveals behind because I've been so busy packing you get three for the price of one!
That's right - the October Trilogy reveal I hinted at, the final September Trilogy reveal, and the November Hybrid reveal - all today!
First things first!

I mentioned a circle stamp - and boy is it great! Your October Hybrid will contain one of the FANTASTIC new 7gypsies 97% Certifiable Round Seal stamps! If you haven't seen these, you're missing out because they are sooooo yummy! (Yes, we have ordered other varieties for the BAP section!) And OF COURSE you will need the new 7gypsies Capri paper to go along with them! And maybe a portfolio... Oh! And some of those adorable 97% complete tags... Okay I really must stop or I'm going to give away the WHOLE KIT!

So we've already divulged the first two paper lines for the September Trilogy, and while you may not have noticed this, and now it's time for number three! Perfect for back to school, and perfect to add a little fun to your Fall projects, this third paper line is going to put you in a very creative mood...
Announcing Making Memories Cheeky - Emery!!!

Flowers and dots and words, Oh my! These papers are SO much fun - you will be instantly inspired! And to go along with them, we have the new Heidi Swapp 3" Lemonade Stand Ghost Alphabet in RED! Wait until you see these gi-normous red ghost letters - they are to die for!

And if you have giant letters, you also HAVE to have giant puzzle pieces to alter - let's say about 5 inches or so??? Sound good? Then you're in luck - we have those too! I bet you can't wait!!! :)
If you think September is far away, what about November? That's three MONTHS away! But here is something for you to look forward to... Fancy Pants Free Spirit! Oh, and if these GORGEOUS papers aren't enough to get you excited, have you seen their new Biggest Board chipboard shapes? They are 12 inches square - 1 whole square foot - of scrapbooking bliss!
Still not convinced? Perhaps you'd like the matching primas? Okay! We'll do that too! :)
Okay I will give you the weekend to think all of that over... Sweet Dreams!!!

Grrr... Blogger is not letting me upload photos - I'll try again soon! :)


Lori Gentile said...

OMG! I just bumped my chin on my desk! WOW and double WOW! I'm sooooooo excited about all of these in upcoming kits. That 7Gypsies stuff is to DIE for! YUMMY! You ROCK, Steph!

Cathyfrance said...

I cann't wait !!!!!!!!! it's wonderful , Stephanie !

Stephanie said...

I must have shirts made that say "steph rocks :)!" I don't know if I so much rock, as the PRODCUTS rock! We had so much fun picking this stuff out at CHA and it all fit together so perfectly! I'm as excited as all of you are to get this stuff - especially those seal stamps!!! :)