Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok, Sassafrass is my 'want it all' booth! I just want one (or three) of everything in there! It rocks. So here's some pics for you, this is the cute bunny on the outside of the booth (to go with the cute hedgehog in one of yesterdays posts).
Check out this super cute card, I love it! All the LO's on the walls in the booth were awesome, very inspiring and strokeable! And here's just a few shots around the booth, they had everything all displayed so nicely, it was very simple and calming. Like the Prima booth was awesome, there was stuff everywhere to look at but it was a bit chaotic, your eye was flying around everywhere trying to take it in. The Sassafrass booth was very calming and quiet. A fab contrast between my two favourite booths. Prima was all black and busy and Sassafrass all white and graphic.

I totally want everything, just everything

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