Saturday, July 19, 2008

More sneaks from day 1

Ok, so these rubber charms are just the best thing ever in my book. I just love em! There's 4 new sets but this one is by far the coolest! Love, love, love them! I have been a 7 Gypsies fan for a long time so here's a few photos from there, it was so cool to see the awesome books and journals in real life! There's 4 new 97% stickers, H for happy, F for family, L for life and W for wish. So cool, can't wait for those!This is a bit of the Savannah line, it rocks. Such cool litte bits :)
This is a LO on display in the Pink Paisley booth. Pink Paisley rocks and the girl we talked to, Tina, was so cute!
OMG, puffy Thickers! How freaking cool are these!Here's the Heidi Swapp mirror album. I know it looks black in this picture but I just couldn't get a good photo of it. So the black is proper mirror, so flippen awesome! I'll have to do a whole post just for Sassafrass tomorrow because it's just so cool. Prima and Maya Road may have been awesome stands but the Sassafrass one is my 'I want it all' stand. I just love every single thing in there! This is the hedgehog on the outside of the stand, there was also a cute little bunny but my picture of him wasn't good :( But check out this cute little guy!
Here's the Poolside collection from Making Memories, lovely papers! They are flocked, die-cut and foiled and all sorts. There seems to be a lot of that going on this show, foils and coatings on the papers.

How freaking cool are these!!! Cupcakes made from paper. Just awesome. They are lifesize too, the temptation to pick em up and have a bite was strong lol! These were in the Chatterbox stand and they had loads of them. I wonder if they would notice if I did take a bite tomorrow?
Ok here's some Basic Grey. My photos of the papers haven't come out very well so I'll get some more tomorrow. I'm sure you've all seen them by now though. They are lush as always. These are the rub-ons, I so love BG rub-ons they work so well and have great designs.Bigging up the Kiwi's here, this is a LO by Nic Howard that was on the BG stand, love that girl!

And finally, a stand of Kelly Panacchi stamps, there are some dead cool designs there!

So that's all for tonight. Hope you like what I've got here and if anyone wants me to get photos of anything specific, leave me a comment and I'll try and get there tomorrow or Saturday. I'll do my best for you guys!

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Lori Gentile said...

It all looks amazing! I am in love with those cupcakes! How cool are those? I can't wait to see more!