Thursday, November 16, 2006

The challenge of revealing the December kit...

It's that time! We're ready to reveal the December kits and I'm going to make a BLOG CHALLENGE out of it for those of you playing Project Homegrown!!!
So here's the challenge - you have to reveal the kits!

Answer the following questions correctly and you will do just that!

1. (Hybrid) This holiday staple will be the centerpiece at our Hybrid Kit's Christmas Table.

2. (Hybrid) No champagne needed to bring out the flavor is this glitzy tool!

3. (Trilogy) Visions of ______ danced in their heads...

4. (Trilogy) If you're going to the TomKat wedding this weekend, make sure to try this delicious sweet treat Italy made famous!

5. (Trilogy) The Urban Dictionary defines this as "The term _______ refers to the imaginary "sound" that is produced from light reflected by a diamond."

6. (Trilogy) Find a product with this title: "I didn't realize you were cool until..."

7. (Hyrbid) According to legend, these were once used to treat fevers, and are known as the Flores de Noche Buena, or "Flowers of the Holy Night."

8. (Trilogy) A type of paper commonly used to wrap packages for shipping.

9. (Trilogy) What is being described here? "Place a small amount on the brush and gently tap off any excess. Look in the mirror and smile. Place on the apple of your cheek and gently brush upward."

10. (Trilogy) The type of cut shown here:

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