Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Betcha' Didn't Think Of . . . "

Ok maybe you did. LOL But I still have to share this...Just in case!

I love Chipboard Alphabets. Especially the one in September's Hybrid Kit. The K&Co Addison Chipboard Alphabet is yummy!

But like all the other alphabets, there is never enough letters. Most of the time, you have to buy more than one set to get the letters you need. And that can get pricey!! Very Pricey!!

So, instead of doing that, I cut the alphabets up to make the letters I need.

Like in this layout. I needed three "C's" for the title. I only had two in the set. So, I took a "G" and made it into a "C"

I have also turned a "Z" sideways to make a fat "N". Trimmed the "Q" to make an extra "O".

Almost all the letters can be "altered" to make the letters you may need. Possibilities are endless. And not only with this save you some frustration, it will definitely save you money!


Susan said...

yes you are a smartie!!! I also like to cover non-related chipboard alphas to make them *feel* like family! lol!!

Anonymous said...

I love these tips. Cost effective and creative. Thanks you so much for sharing this tip. Sometimes I wonder if I have a brain at all when it comes to saving $$ and scrapbooking but, you keep me on point. ~trixr4kids