Thursday, November 16, 2006

Homegrown Photo Shoot

I already posted these photos in the forum, but I started thinking that a homegrown photo shoot might be something everyone would be interested in - especially now with all of the fun Christmas clothes and props available!
So I thought I would show you a behind-the-scenes photo from the end of the shoot - after she had pulled up the shirt she was sitting on so that the white sheet below was showing.

I have a large piece of black cloth that I would normally use, but since I couldn't find it, I pulled out a black shirt and shirt and a black pair of pants and situated them so that (hopefully) you couldn't tell what it was. I put the white sheet below the black so that the light reflecting off the white sheet would make up for the black cloth absorbing the light around Delainey.
Simple, fast and fun! This whole "shoot" was 10 minutes start to finish!
So grab a black sheet and create some fun outtakes of your own this season! And don't forget the blurry pics and the outtakes - they are always some of my faves!


Anonymous said...

What a super cute photo shoot. I never would have been able to tell that it was clothes as the backdrop if you hadn't have told me. You are sooo tricky. BTW Delainey is wearing a gorgeous dress and is awfully cute herself. ~ trixr4kids

~*Heather Woodbury*~ said...

These photos (well, subjects) are so cute! They look great and no i had no idea it was clothes.