Friday, September 08, 2006

Journaling with Strips!

journaling is one of the more difficult aspects of
scrapbooking for me...and hence,
i find my work often includes my favorite shortcut:

here are just a few reasons why i love them so much:

journaling strips can be printed or written on
a coordinating product or paper so it
instantly blends
with your project! you can print on the reverse
side of that luscious double-sided paper!

journaling strips add texture and layers to
your projects! they can overlap and touch
other things on your page.

journaling strips can feature either your own
handwriting or a favorite font! (i think that
using strips to showcase your handwriting
makes it look more
uniform and interesting.)

and my favorite:
journaling strips can be easily replaced, retyped,
or rewritten ifyou find a spelling or grammar error! (let's not
discuss how often i have had to do this.) ;)
here are some examples of layouts
in which i have used strips to journal; i added
machine sewing or handsewing to
the strips in these three examples to
include my personal style!

have fun with your journaling! :)

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Lori Gentile said...

Michelle, FABULOUS examples! Great article!