Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Survival Samples - Look What You Will Receive!!

Have you ever wondered what the Homegrown Survival Programs are all about? We thought it might be nice to show you a sample of what the program is all about!

There is an array of talented designers. Each designer asked to participate is invited because of their unique style. In an effort to provide a wide range of inspiration, ten designers are enlisted to participate and provide at least ten layouts each. Each layout is accompanied of a picture, detailed instructions, a technique tip or design tip - sometimes both! as well as a detail shot - up close and personal. In addition, a sketch of each layout is provided.

Here is an example of a layout:

At the end of the lesson - a sketch for each layout is provided:

The program runs for six weeks. Each Thursday of the program, a lesson is posted in the private Survival members forum. Again - each lesson includes a minimum of 10 layouts with instructions. As the program continues and the international designers complete their work, the number of layouts increases with each lesson.

The grand finale is one .pdf containing all the sketches from all six weeks of the program - well in excess of 60 sketches combined in one easy to download .pdf.

Ladies - this program is above and beyond the fantastic array of products delivered right to your doorstep! The program kit always contains product value in excess of the cost of the program. With the increased shipping costs - added value comes in that shipping is included in the cost of the program. Add-ons will ship for free if they fit into the priority overnight box. Additional shipping charges will apply if the total purchases require additional packing over a standard priority flat rate box.

So there you have it! An overview of the Homegrown Survival Program. The Fall Program is available right now. You can purchase yours here.

Oh and how I would be remiss if I didn't point you to the add-ons!!

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