Sunday, September 07, 2008

StashBuster Challenge #2 SCATTERGORIES

Here it is!! Tami brought us a very fun challenge for #2!!
SCATTERGORIES: In the real game you are given categories for the letter.. we’re gonna flip it around to make it easier for you! For each letter of the word stashbuster you have to have an element on the layout. Points 12 pts each time you spell stashbuster (go ahead take as many layouts as you need to spell it). For example:
S – SEI paper
T – Teresa Collins journaling blocks
A – Alphas
S – Seven Gypsies
H – Hambley screen prints
B – brads
U – unique ribbon (yes sometimes it’s a stretch)
S – stickers
T – teal cardstock
E – eclectique items
R – red patterned paper

Hint: You can be as vague or as descriptive as needed to fit the letters, however you can only use items for one letter.. once you use Brads for B they can’t be used for any other letter.. like T – teal brads..

Tami's layout:

The list:
S – Scrapworks Patterned Paper – Peaches
T – Textured Flowers
A – Arrows
S – Scrapworks Patterned Paper – Sunshine
H – Hambley Screen Print Rub-ons
B – Brads
U – Ultra Smooth Ribbon (it’s to the right of the be happy circle)
S – Swirls
T – Tree
E – Eight letter stickers
R – Red Square

Please post a link to your layout with you "list" on the Stashbuster thread!

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