Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Technique Tuesday by Kathleen Taylor

This Survival Kit has been a ton of fun for me! I have been dabbling with products I never thought I would use or would enjoy using. And I have been a technique-crazy person this time around with the flocking and the crackle paint. I just cannot seem to put them down! I have discovered many uses for crackle paint and flocking and I am thrilled to be able to share them with you.Technique Spotlight: Giving an Album cover a weathered look with Crackle PaintI know I showed you how great crackle paint looks on chipboard, but I found a different way to use it. And it was completely by accident…. We all know that crackle paint works best on porous surfaces. And I thought the Making Memories Noteworthy album was one of those surfaces. So, I covered the entire album in crackle paint and waited for the magic to begin. And waited. And waited. It crackled a little but not a lot and I noticed that the paint was flaking off. Apparently it was not the porous surface I expected. I was disappointed and realized I had to get the dried paint off to save the album. So I took the sandpaper block and started shaving the paint off. A lot of the paint came off easily but some was stubborn. I realized that when I was sanding at the paint, it created a weathered look. And I liked it. I kept sanding until I got the look I desired. Then, I took my brown ink pad and rubbed it all over the album and on top of the crackle paint. And that is it. A complete album make-over of sorts.
Supplies Used: Making Memories Noteworthy Mini Album (add-on), Crackle Paint: Broken China (add-on), Making Memories Sanding Block, Brown Inkpad
Technique Spotlight: Flocking
Flocking? What is flocking? I know some of you might be asking this question. I was asking it last week. Flocking powder is a velvety fiber that adds dimension and color to almost anything. And it is relatively easy to use!

Supplies Used: Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Flock, Prima Flower, Chipboard Swirl, Zip Dry Paper Glue, Glue Dots
The first technique is to add a fuzzy center to a flower.
1. Take a glue dot and place it on the center of flower.
2. Add Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Flock on top of the glue dot.
3. Press Flock down on to glue dot and tap off excess.

Designer Tip! I found out that you can create a new color of flocking by mixing two colors together
Technique: Adding Flocking to chipboard
The next product I decided to alter with Flocking Powder was chipboard. I have found that a strong liquid adhesive works best when adhering to
1. Add liquid adhesive to chipboard. Wait until a few moments for the adhesive to become tacky.
2. Tap flocking onto chipboard. Gently press flocking into chipboard.
3. Tap off excess. You’re done!

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