Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Survival Spotlight: Kim Kwan!! Week 3

The inspiration behind the layout
My brother Steve, who is 18 months younger than me, is a total kid at heart. As a 41 year old bachelor, he refuses to grow up, and although he is a successful business owner and seemingly responsible citizen, he still spends all his free time riding his long board in Malibu or his skateboards wherever there’s an open stretch of sidewalk. I guess this works out well for my girl-punks, though, as he’s always handy to teach them cool tricks on their long boards. This layout features my youngest, Olivia, learning how to “hang ten” on the long board (which is 6” taller than her!) her Uncle Steve gave her. Lucky girl!
Designer Note!
By adding the circle “frame” around the photos you can easily soften an otherwise linear layout (striped paper, straight lines of photos, straight lines of lace, straight lines of the journaling block). The circles also serve to really “connect” all the elements of the layout

Please note: All Kimberly Kwan designs and content provided for the Homegrown Scrapbooks Summer Survival Program are copyrighted by Kimberly Kwan.

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