Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fall Survival Add-on Product Sean Peeks

OK - are you ready?

Steph gave me the OK to post some individual product pics for items that are in the Add-on kits. Check back throughout the day for more pics!

Remember - add-ons will be available tomorrow night at 7:00 PM EST. I hope to post the add-on kit pics and lists tomorrow morning so you can prepare ;)


Anita said...

Ahhh cute ! Cant wait to see more add on piccies . Thanks for sharing them with us .
Anita x

Tags said...

How cute is that!!!

mollyvh said...

I am assuming that these are just for fun, and not the second contest? Is that correct- since it says right on there what it is?

In any event- they are super cute- love the little freckle faced marshmallow!

Melaniestan said...

Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Wow -- gotta love that Cosmo Cricket!!