Saturday, July 26, 2008

Technique Tuesday with Kathleen Taylor

I will be honest. I have never tried Tim Holtz's Distressed Crackle Paint. Just thought it was not something I would have fun playing with.

What was I thinking!!!?????

If you have never played with it, you really should. Or maybe you shouldn't! It is really addicting.

The crackle paint will work on anything that is porous. if you are going to apply it to plastic or wood, paint it first with an acrylic paint. Then, coat the Tim Holtz's Distressed Crackle Paint on top of it.

So, let's pull that Tim Holtz's Distressed Crackle Paint out of the SSK and get to work!

First, pick out what you would like to distress.

I picked a chipboard title to alter with the crackle paint.

The crackle paint has an applicator attached to the lids of the paint, so it is really easy to apply. Coat the entire chipboard liberally. The thicker the paint, the heavier the cracks.

Tip: you can apply different color crackle paints on top of each other to create the exact color you want.

Once you completely cover the chipboard, wait for it to dry. Yeah right! Well, that is what the directions say ladies! But if you are like me, I just cannot watch paint dry.

So, pull out your heat embossing gun, run it over the chipboard and watch the paint begin to crack.

Tip: if you have rough edges after you are done cracking the paint, just sand it off.

When you are done, you can ink the chipboard with ink. It makes the cracks in the chipboard stand out more.

Here is close up of the finished chipboard:

Tip: You can also put crystal lacquer on top of it to magnify the cracks even more.

Here is another sample using Tim Holtz's Distressed Crackle Paint. It was sent to me as a baby gift from my dear friend Dawn Tavela.

She used the crackle paint on the "q", "QUINN", and the red heart.

Isn't it gorgeous??? I absolutely love it!

Now, I used the chipboard title "pals" on a layout, but I can't show you it yet. It will be in the SSK. And you know if I posted it here, Stephanie would have my head. LOL

The crackle paint is so easy to use. Just give it a try.

And make sure you you show me what you have done with it.

Maybe, I will do a giveaway for the people who play with the crackle paint during the SSK!

Watch the SSK boards for my post on the details of the giveaway.

Link me up to your crackle paint creations and I promise I will make it worth your while.

So, get cracking!! LOL

Sorry I could not resist.


mollyvh said...

Love how the ink really brings out the crackles- I have used the paints before, but it never occurred to me to ink over the top. I will definitely be trying that next time.
Fun, fun, stuff!

Ellen said...

Just an FYI - you only have to use the heat gun if you are in a hurry. It will crack on its own given time. You can also set it in the sun to speed the process.
I love the baby gift tag your friend sent. It is totally precious!

emelyn said...

LOVE your samples, cool!!