Thursday, July 24, 2008

A few more sneaks for the scavenger hunt :)

Here are a few more... I'm posting them all at once, but the rules are a bit different.
When you post your comments, please guess according to the photo's number. You may list three guesses for each number, in the order that you would have guessed them. Does that make sense? For example, if you wanted to guess Pink Paislee Vintage Moon, but thought just maybe it might be Basic Grey Euphoria, list Paper #1: Pink Paislee Vintage Moon, Basic Grey Euphoria, etc.
I hope that makes sense... I'm tired :)
So here goes... Some more Fall Sneak Peeks!

Number One.... Number Two...
Number Three:
Number Four:
Number Five:

Happy Guessing!!!


Molly said...

#4 are Creative Cafe buttons
#5 is Maya Road (cupcake chipboard/chipboard album)

My computer is acting wonky, so I wanted to get those in, in case it crashes!

Molly said...

#3 I think is Autumn Leaves either Mod or Foof a La.

Molly said...

#2 I am going to say Adornit/Carolee's Creation, even though I don't think that is right!
I just wanted to get all the guesses in I could!

Michigirl74 (Tami) said...

#1 - paper, 7gypsies Savannah Collection

Jeana said...

Ok, my guesses are

#1 what tami said
#2 what molly said
#3, 4 and 5 what molly said.


Hey, I have been out of the SB world for a couple years! I gotta cheat!

mollyvh said...

I want to amend my AL guess to be Heather Bailey by Autumn Leaves.
Thank you! (Since that is my third, I think that is legal- correct? As long as I don't go over 3, I am ok?)

mollyvh said...

Ok- now that I am awake, I am going to change my #2 guess to Creative Cafe/Creative Imaginations. (That would be my second guess for that one!)
I was really tired last night, and not functioning well, I have had coffee now and am feeling more alert!

Stephanie said...

You can guess each item up to 3 times. I knew that was going to throw ina wrench - sorry! :)
Yes, #5 is the Maya Road mini cupcake album
Yes, #1 is 7Gypsies Savannah
Yes, #4 is Creative Cafe buttons (we ordered three colors!!!)

No one has come close on 2 & 3 :) Keep guessing!

mollyvh said...

So I am out on 3- but I have one more for 2. Hmmm, I was sure it was Creative Cafe. Back to hunt!

Melaniestan said...

Is #3 Prima?

Melaniestan said...

#2: Making Memeories
I have no idea

lesliemc said...

#3 Creative Imaginations Butterfly

(I have spent WAY too much time looking for these! I think I have been to every manufacturer site there is! But obviously not EVERY! LOL!)

bassetsnbrits said...

I joined late again, looks like there's only one left to find?

Stephanie said...

#2 is Creative Cafe - we must have been posting at the same time! LOL!
Still no one has guessed #3 though!

bassetsnbrits said...

OK, I give up- I can't find #2.

I was sure it was Making Memories because of the packaging, then Autumn Leaves
or third would be....a sonnet collection by Sandylion?

mollyvh said...

Phew- glad I got the Creative Cafe one- I was so sure- the labels next to the alphabet are what tipped me off!

Good luck on #3- that one is going to be like the Chatterbox felt I think- something totally unexpected for that company (at least to me!). It so looks like a combo MM and Autumn leaves!

Have fun girls- can't wait to see what number #3 really is!

And yummy! to the fact there will be 3 colors of buttons- I love them and we don't have a CC store local.

Stephanie said...

Is everyone giving up? Should I just tell you who the yummy brads are from??? How about a hint? It's one of the manufacturers in this sneak...

jude said...

No guesses...but have to say YEAH for the buttons...and I love that cupcake mini album!!!

mollyvh said...

Poof- *now* I do know what it is!!!

Shucks, that'll teach me to be so frivolous with my guesses!

Good luck ladies!

Anita said...

I did guess before I came and looked at the other answers... I did really !! #3 is a brad multi pack from 7Gypsies . I had worked out #1 was 7gypsies Savannah. Knew #5 was Maya Road cupcake album. Thought #4 was Creative Cafe but didnt know #2 but now know it is Creative Cafe. I guess stalkingthe 7Gypsies site lots helped a little !

bassetsnbrits said...

Aww, I thought I saw some similar brads by 7 Gypsies, but I didn't find them on their website, and couldn't find a close enough photo. I almost guessed it anyway- oh well...

Stephanie said...

Yes! The brads are 7 Gypsies!!! :)