Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rachel and Steph Checking in!

Ok, so we're off! It's Rachel here (KiwiGirl) and I'll be posting updates of cool things we've seen at CHA and definitely stuff that'll be in the Fall Survival kit.
Now here's some photos of us on our way :)
Here we are on the road to the airport in Fort Myers. I am still amazed at the size of the roads here in America - honestly, most of the vehicles out there wouldn't even fit up my lane in England!
Posing outside the airport.

Had to take a photo of the wonderful airline staff at the airport. Catherine and her husband were so helpful - especially with the crazy luggage mix-up - and the eye candy on the other counter wasn't bad either ;)

Here's Steph on the plane. We got on and had hysterical laughing fits about I don't know what! We were laughing our heads off!

Then along came Shawn with a W. He was a scream! Made our flight so much fun lol!

Now we're in our hotel room in Chicago and all ready for sightseeing tomorrow. We're meeting Nicole (nicholasaaronmommy) for lunch and I'm really looking forward to seeing Michigan Ave and visiting Paper Source!
I'll report in again soon!


Angela L. said...

Stephanie and Rachel..... you 2 are SO cute, lol! Sure wish I could be there because already you look you're having a blast!!! Can't wait to see more photos of your adventure... ;)

Nicole said...

Can't wait to meet you for lunch!

Melaniestan said...

Great pictures-looks like you 2 are having a great time.

Nicole-you lucky girl-have fun.

I can't wait to see all the peeks you'll be sharing with us. I don't mind if you take to many-ok by me! :)

Just in case you need an idea for the fall kit keep an eye out for textured stuff for embellishing.