Friday, July 18, 2008

Another check-in, Chicago Sightseeing

Ok, so yesterday was sightseeing day, we got up and got a cab to downtown Chicago. We went straight to a restaurant to meet Nicole for lunch. Here's a pic out the window of the cab on the way down the motorway, I think that's the Sears Tower on the right Here we are with Nicole, we really appreciated her having lunch with us, she's so lovely and helpful! Thanks Nicole Here's the obligatory scrapbookers shot of the food. Such cute little pizzas and I couldn't even finish it! Lovely crust on it.Here's a shot down the river of some of the Chicago buildings, there are such amazing buildings there. I spent most of the day looking up
And lastly, here's a shot of the coolest part of the Paper Source window. Paper Source was the number one thing I wanted to do in Chicago. Steph wanted to go to Navy Pier, but we rode past on the bus and were too hot and cranky to even get off! But I got my number one thing done and managed to spend $60 in there. I got the coolest papers in big A3 sheets, lovely Japanese ones and floral ones, just lush!
So now it's Friday morning and we're just about off to catch the shuttle to the show. I will try and report in later with pictures of what's cool and sneaks for Fall :) Have a good day everyone!


Nicole said...

Lunch was fun girlies! (Not such a great pic of me but it was tons of fun and the food was great). Glad you found papersource and that you loved it Rachel! At least you got to spend some $$ on scrapping supplies since there is no Hobby Lobby near your hotel. Have a great time at the show, sorry I can't join you!


Lori Gentile said...

You gals look like you are having a blast! I can't wait to hear how the show is and what your favorite products are! I'm so loving the images and check ins.

Melaniestan said...

Been checking all day for sneak peeks---must be super busy still looking at all the wonderful new stuff!

Looks like a fun lunch!