Sunday, June 15, 2008

StashBuster Challenge - Pre-Summer 08

Who's ready to bust some stash??? Today marks the official beginning of the StashBuster Chaalenge - helping you clear out the clutter before that massive Summer Survival Kit arrives and the summer madness begins!

Remember to add up your points - 5 points for doing the challenge, and an additional 5 points for the Bonus Challenge. We'll be posting the next one on Wednesday, so don't delay! You can post your art to the gallery here:

While there are no individual challenge deadlines, all work needs to be uploaded by July 13 to receive your points and be in the drawing for a super prize! They're gonna come fast so get ready to get scrappy!

April is bringing us today's challenge and Bonus. We're calling it 1B since technically #1 was a pre-Challenge.

Challenge 1B:
Self-Portrait Challenge - Scrap a photo of YOU, taken by YOU! (It's okay to use the timer setting, but no one else can snap the pic!)

Bonus Challenge - Scrap a self-portrait of you - that DOESN'T include you! We're all great at hiding behind the camera. Now use that talent for good! Take photos that express who you are - but you can't be in them. And yes, you have to do the Primary Challenge to do the Bonus Challenge! No hiding behind the camera indefinitely!!!! :)

April took the challenge, and the results were phenomenal! Check them out!

Just Me:
Pieces of Me:

Who's up for the challenge? This is a great way to get to know each other! Can't wait to see what you do with the challenge!!!


LisaNRoxy said...

Awesome layouts - what a fun challenge. I am going to give it a go!

Michelle*G said...

Fun challenge! Thanks April. Love your LOs!

emelyn said...

Awesome layouts, April!! LOVE the one with your picture and the other one that describes YOU!