Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just Because

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Summer! In July we will be launching something new at Homegrown. The collection is known as Just Because, and it is a kit designed for one simple reason - just because...

... Because I like the way the products work together. Because I love something so much that it just HAS to be done. Because life really should be simpler. Because I was inspired by a product or a color or a something... and wanted to share it with all of you.

The design team will create with the kit and you'll receive a pdf with your kit that contains the instructions, layouts, etc. just like the Survival Program.

These kits have no add-ons, no schedules, no subscriptions. They'll just pop up here and there when you least expect it, and surprise you with an extra bit of happiness to add to your scrappy life.

Now because I know you will want them all, I will give you a few days' notice before they are availble for purchase, so keep an eye on the blog! :) They will be sold first come, first serve, no re-orders, no pre-orders.

So with that introduction I present you with some sneaky peeks of the first Just Because kit - Chocolate Truffles. It will be available this month, and by the end of the week I'll give you the posting date so you can start stalking.

Enjoy the eye candy!


LisaNRoxy said...

I love it -how fun - what a great concept!
Just because....I NEED IT!
:D :D :D

Lisa J. said...

Oh no!! This could be detrimental to my wallet! LOL

Michelle*G said...

Fun stuff! Love the idea and love the looks of the first kit! Especially that flocked paper!