Saturday, June 28, 2008

Em's Journaling Challenge!!

Journaling Challenge, by EM

When I saw the challenge, I wasn't sure how to interpret it. Was I supposed to write about different themes of journaling or different ways to journal? So, I thought I'd cover both bases and talk a little about each of them. LOL.

First a little bit about themes of journaling.
1. For me, my most common way of journaling is to pretend someone is looking over my shoulder and I'm explaining. This could be a couple of sentences long to a few paragraphs!

2. Another way is just by giving simple facts, when, where, why, who, how...

3. You can also use quotes on a layout to express how you feel .

4. Then you can start getting more creative with your journaling and really get more emotion on your page. Here are 3 challenge blogs that are loaded with inspiration!
--Creative Therapy
--One Little Word
--Scrapping The Music
I wish I had some examples for you, but time just got the better of me this week...but I'd love to see what you guys did!!

Now a few different ways to journal.
1. 99% of the time, I like to handwrite my journaling. I'm a pretty lazy, um I mean, time efficient scrapper, and for me it's easier to hand write my journaling. I don't have to turn on the computer, measure the space my journaling will be placed, and figure out which of my 1000 fonts I want to use..LOL!

2. I also like use strip journaling. This is great to either take up lots of space or help break up the paragraph.

3. You can also write your journaling in a form of lists.

4. Hidden Journaling is another option! In this laout the twill ribbon attaches to a tag that could be pulled out to reveal more journaling.

5. And finally another way you can journal is along a shape. You can either draw the shape yourself, like lines or flourishes, or you can use

Get Your Scrap On


MarieP said...

Very cool, Em! I love all your examples!

Michelle*G said...

This is great Em! Love your pages!