Monday, November 20, 2006

Transparency Christmas cards

This year I thought I would play with the large box of transparencies I had sitting in the cabinet from last years stint with transparencies on layouts! It's not a difficult process at all- just takes a little bit of planning. The first thing you need to do is cut your transparency to size and fold in half. Find those old college text books or phone books and stack them on top to flatten the fold. Then decide on your image. I cut this tree with my craft robo though it wouldn't be hard to hand cut. The tree is attached with herma dots on the back as well as the brads spaced throughout. The white ribbon knots are glued on with diamond glaze. I took a second tree and placed it underneath the original tree and used white acrylic paint to create a shadow on the inside page. That is where I will add my message! Add a transparency envelope and voila! You have a lovely Christmas card!
Happy Holidays everyone!


~*Heather Woodbury*~ said...

Super cool cards. Thanks for sharing and giving us your ideas.

Ramona said...

I was just teaching a class making transparency cards. I experimented a little to get a nice sharp fold. Don't use a It melts the transparency... But the best method I found was a bonefolder. Makes a really nice fold.
I really love the card at the top. Do you have a template for it?

Anonymous said...

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