Monday, October 16, 2006

Like sands through the hourglass, THESE are the days of our LIVES!

Okay, so admittedly I am not a soap opera fan. Never have been, never will be. Of course my college roommate Jaime was such a freak that she scheduled her classes around Days of our Lives, so if I was in the room for lunch, I heard these familiar words resounding OH SO LOUDLY in the background while I was studying, talking on the phone, etc.
Today I opened my email and a friend had emailed me this photo of Noah from a camping trip they all took in July (Bryan went with the boys as I refused to go camping in FLORIDA in JULY with a two-month old!)

And as soon as I saw it, I was in my college dormroom again with those same old words booming at me - these ARE the days of our LIVES! I was so inspired I had to share this with you, and thought it would make a great blog challenge for PH too! So what I want to see from all of you is a LO of a day in your life, be it altogether ordinary or a moment that made you stop and think on one extraordinary day!
You will have until next Friday to complete this challenge (10/27) since I know you are frantically scrambling to finish your THIRTEEN CHALLENGES work and get it uploaded by Tuesday at midnight.
So go ahead. Grab a cup of coffee and a scrap of paper, and jot down what's in your head right now for this challenge! You will have time to develop the idea later but you don't want to lose that first instinct!
Go for it!!! Can't wait to see what you create!


~*Heather Woodbury*~ said...

Steph, I'm gonna be saying that all day "Like sands through the hourglass..." STOP it!

Cute pix. I am hoping to get this done this week since I'm leaving Sunday. Is this a blog challenge (1 pt) or the weekly challenge (3)?

susan said...

would this image count for this challenge??? it is my 12 on 12

em said...

okay...HOW did I miss this one???? argh!!! can i still upload it late? i've noticed some people are adding things past the deadline and still getting points? can this be my freebie??

Anonymous said...

So true. Time really does flow quickly and I can only hope I catch some of the items I would want my kids to remember. ~ trixr4kids