Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Survival Spotlight: Kim Kwan!! Week 5

The Inspiration Behind the Layout
Ok..the brother again. As their over-indulgent, too-much-money-and-not-enough-common-sense, 41 year old single surfer uncle, my brother is a hands down favorite of my girls.

While still in the womb, my eldest started receiving insane gifts such as a titanium Trek mountain trike. At age two, he custom ordered a princess tent from FAO Schwartz in Germany for her and at age three she received a hot pink pre-paid cell phone (which I then programmed with ALL of his home, work, cell and pager numbers…and then proceeded to encourage her to call him at all hours of the day and night).
When Olivia was one, he bought the girls a HUGE bounce house and had it shipped to my house, and when she was two, he gave the girls a commercial size cotton candy maker! He taught Olivia how to tap a keg at 18 months and brought Alexis home from an “Uncle date” puking up blue slushies and candy.

Most of his antics are done simply to get a reaction out of me, but he is the one adult in their lives who consistently (and skillfully) breaks all the rules…and they absolutely ADORE him. “As soon as you girls were old enough to speak, we taught you to recite “Uncle Steve is a bad influence.” Most people might be offended, but your goofy uncle wore it as a badge of honor!”(P.S. I used hot pink and foofy stuff all over this just to annoy him!)Designer Notes:
As you’ve probably guessed by now, I love using office supplies in my scrappy projects! They probably are not AF/LF, but they are fun, cheap and always available! Go ahead…dig through your kids’ backpacks and swipe a few sheets of notebook paper, or if you’re really bold, hijack a few (gasp!!) Crayons or markers! J (If you’re nervous about page longevity, use copies of your cherished photos.)

If you run out of certain alpha stickers (I ALWAYS do!!) make your own! I ran out of the letter “e”, so I took used the letter “c” instead, then cut up a lower case “v” and MADE myself two “e’s” for my title!
Also, don’t be afraid of using girly motifs and colors on layouts about men. I think they look great and if you’re really lucky, your brother…ummm, I mean subject…will definitely not approve!

Please note: All Kimberly Kwan designs and content provided for the Homegrown Scrapbooks Summer Survival Program are copyrighted by Kimberly Kwan.

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Angela L. said...

What an amazing layout!!!! One question.... why the heck is he STILL single? Seriously, though I'm not asking for myself because I adore my hubby.... Gosh, your girls are SO lucky to have such a fun uncle. I'm 41 and the only gift I can think of that I EVER got from my uncle was a set of bath towels, lol!!!