Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot Blog/Etsy Finds!! by Rachel

My very favourite blog to read is Staci Compher, I love this woman! In my opinion she is a fantastic scrapper, she and Kristina Contes are my very favourites! Staci updates her blog almost every day and she talks about her scrapping, shares her LO's, but she also gives a peek into her life, which I love! She's been through some very tough times with her husband, who was her childhood sweetheart, suddenly dying last year and is sharing her heartache on her blog. I find it really touching that she shares with us and go through her up days and downs days too! She also shares her scrap shopping finds too and I wish she would buy one of everything for me as well. I love what she finds. Then I have to sit and wait for months before it's available in the UK, that sucks! I think Staci's blog is well worth a read, she writes something almost every day and wow, her work is amazing, I totally love what she does and find her so inspiring. Here is one of her recent LO's that I am in love with, I wish I could put so little on a LO and make it look so effective but I can't! Staci's blog is the one I click on first when I see she's updated on my Bloglines.

Favourite Etsy sellers for scrapbooking are definitely Digital Paperie and Riff Raff Designs I was meant to pick one but I totally love both these shops and couldn't settle on just one!

I discovered Digital Paperie when I got the journalling spots in a UK kit, and I had to go and order more! She's a lovely lady to deal with and always includes extras in with your order. The colourful circles journalling spots are definitely one of my favourites and have been used on many LO's, including this one I did last July!

Riff Raff Designs is a new discovery which I saw talked about on various blogs I read. I had to go check out their wonderful chipboard designs and I wasn't disappointed, they do awesome stuff! The chipboard isn't that pulpy grey cardboard stuff either, it's more like that dense, thin wood. So there's no chance of this stuff starting to come apart in layers! Check out the fantastic tree they do and it comes in two different sizes! Riff Raff put release new designs every month as well, so they're always worth a new look every so often, and well stocking up on some. I can highly recommend the touch of flourish, it's massive! I have one and I am definitely making it the centerpiece of a page soon!

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Staci Compher said...'re too...sweet!! I appreciate what you really made my night...and to see my name in the same sentence as KC you know I am lovin' that ...cause I love her!!