Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Survival Designer - Audrey Tan

Hiya, I’m Audrey. I’m live in the United Kingdom although I’m originally from Singapore. I’m married with 2 boys, Oliver, 7 and Zac, 5, both of whom form the basis of inspiration for my pages. They are probably fed up with their paparazzi mom taking photos of them constantly to use on her pages. I re-discovered scrapbooking in autumn 2004, via card making. I attended a class and was instantly hooked. I realised it was something I used to do 16 years ago. Each time I went on vacation, I would take endless photos and keep souvenirs, all of which would be decorated and journalled in a photo album. At least this time, materials are of archival quality and much more interesting!

I’ve been with Homegrown since 2005 when Steph gave me my first opportunity to be on her design team. Since then, things at Homegrown have changed tremendously. This year’s Summer Survival kit marks the first anniversary as I was designing with SSK 07 last year. However, you would have seen my work in the form of sketches as I’ve been doing all of the Survival kits sketches since its inception.

Taking up scrapbooking as a hobby has certainly opened doors of opportunity, not to mention friendship as well. I’ve been published before, served on other design teams and definitely have made a lot of friends from around the world, all of whom share the passion of scrapbooking. I’ve enjoyed scrapping so much that I’ve even started a monthly crop with a couple of friends where we provide classes and a great environment to mingle and learn. Regarding my style of scrapping, I certainly love to experiment and try out new ideas. I’m a stamp fanatic and this is evident in my pages. I’m also into the mixed media art and I do tend to bring this over into scrapbooking. Hence, sometimes my pages will turn out to be a hodgepodge of creative experiments.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing with SSK 08 and hope to be able to inspire with my creations. I would like to thank Steph for creating the Survival kits and coming up with such delectable goodies that make creating a sheer joy!


emelyn said...

awesome layouts, Audrey!!

Ellen said...

Audrey - your work is always sooooo AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see some of that altered art in the SSK!

Michelle*G said...

Love you work and can't wait to see what you do with the kit!