Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spring Survival is almost over...and StashBuster is almost here!

Hello all!
Tomorrow is the official end of the Spring Survival Program :( And while the forum and gallery will remain open, the deadline for the Use all 40 Challenge is July 13! How are you progressing??? I've seen that several of you have used up the majority of the kit! Mission Accomplished! I bet when that huge box arrived on your doorstep 7 weeks ago, you never thought you'd use it ALL! :)
I have one more bonus layout from Leena that I will post in the forum today, but I wanted to let you all know that we are ready to jump right into the StashBuster Challenge in preparation for the next huge box headed your way!
Sunday morning we will post the first challenge here on the blog. Then 3 days - yes, 72 short hours later - we will post the next one. Your job is to complete the challenge before the next one is posted. No, you don't HAVE to, but try to challenge yourself to get it done and move on - using as much of your stash as possible to create divine works of inspiring art ;)
If you're ready to get started busting that stash NOW, stay tuned! I will post a pre-challenge for you today!
Get ready! Loads of info coming at you today, here and in the forums. Be on the look out for a couple of new add-ons for Summer too. I thought they were all out, but it turns out that Prima order arrived yesterday with a few items I didn't think we going to make it in time, and therefore didn't post, and I MAY have ordered a bit more from Cosmo than I thought as well... OOPS! And then there's those yumm glitter Thickers! Good grief! It's never-ending!
Are you ready to BOLO? Keep those eyes peeled!


Michelle*G said...

I can't believe how much I loved working with my spring kit! I didn't use every paper...yet...because life got in the way, but I'll be finishing up all the LOs and projects and I'm sure I'll make that goal! I'm so excited to start the stash challenge and get going on the summer kit! Thanks for a fabulous creative program!

Melaniestan said...

I'm ready for the next challenges to start up!

Can't wait to see what other add-ons are up your sleeve!!!!!!!