Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hot Blogs and Etsy Stores!!

So, what have you been doing this weekend?

Well, I spent a couple of hours last night, window shopping online and I've found some great Etsy stores I'd love to share with you! Gosh, where have I been all this while! Yeah, I have to admit I've just discovered Etsy ( recently, talk about me being "shopping" savvy!! lol!

Here's what I found at "Little Pretty Studio" (

Aren't these AMAZING?? The makers, Jennifer and John, called them "". I love the sound of the name and I just find them so creatively done! Who would have thought to use the embroidery hoops as bulletin boards?? Definitely not me! ;)

These fun, bright and bold patterns of handmade embroidery hoop can simply be used as a bulletin board, or as an inspiration board or you could even decorate them in any part of your home.

And you know what? I just found out that the maker, Jennifer, is none other than the Jennifer Pebbles (!! Yes, she's the uber talented Jennifer who designs for American Crafts, Autumn Leaves, A Muse Artstamps, Making Memory and Two Peas In A Busket!! And seriously, I have to smack myself for not knowing this earlier but then again, I was just too busy ogling and drooling at her ""....................... ;)

Alright, just before I go, here's another Etsy shop that I have to share with you.

The owner, Jen, made these beautiful and colorful felt brooches! Just looking at them made me happy. I love how she combines the colors tastefully and if you don't see the combination of colors that you want, just let her know. She'll be able to accommodate your color preference.

You could visit her at her Etsy store, "The Littlest Bean" (§ion_id=&page=1), for more of her felt accessories.

Happy Shopping!
Leena Loh


Michelle*G said...

Love Etsy! I just got my first purchases from their (prints from 2 different artists). I love those felt flowers and I'm going to be adding some of those to my stash. :)

MarciaD said...

Love the felt flowers too! There are also some cute felt flower ideas on the Fancy Pants blog. I also made some of your fabric flowers Liz that you wrote about in an earlier post. Love them!