Tuesday, October 17, 2006

September Trilogy & Project Homegrown Showcase

I wanted to share some AWESOME Layout from our September Trilogy.

Our very own Lynne blows me away every month.
Check these layouts out!

And we are still doing our Project Homegrown Contest where you could win a Cricut!!
I am so impressed with the ladies doing our challenges.
They are Rocking it Every Week!

Focus by aichaku - I love everything about this. The flowers, the glitter.
Everything just has a natural flow to it.
Not to mention that I cannot take my eyes away from it.
Great Job!

This is one of my Favorite Layouts by Susan B. The colors are amazing!
And that picture is awesome!! Way to Go!


Susan said...

how funny that you say that picture is awesome! I only took 20 of the darn things and STILL couldn't get one with the ball in focus! lol!

but thanks for making me skip a heartbeat by posting it on the blog!

~*Heather Woodbury*~ said...

You're hot stuff, girlie! I couldn't tell it wasn't just perfect. :)