Thursday, September 21, 2006

Product Challenge--Making Memories 8" Shapes/Letters

Here's a quick and easy Product Challenge using some of the great stuff from the July Hybrid Kit. (plus some goodies from my scrap pile)
I used the Making Memories 8" Flower Shape but, the same concept could apply to all shapes and Letters.
Items needed:
Making Memories 8" Flower
2 sheets of Coordinating Daisy D's Girlfriend Line Pattern Paper
Bazzil Big Brad (my stash)
Bull Dog Clip (my stash--office supply store)
Ribbon (Walmart)
Liquid Adhesive
Fine Grit Sandpaper
Self Adhesive Magnets
1st Step:
Trace the flower on the back side of 1 of your pattern papers and cut out and adhere to the front of the flower shape.

2nd Step:
Sand edges to get rid of any 'over' cuts or mis-cuts.
This is a great way to make your project look a little more 'finished'.

3rd Step:
Trace flower on the back side of 2nd pattern paper and then free hand draw another 'flower' about 1/2" on the inside of the outer line. (see photo)
Cut out and adhere over 1st pattern paper.
This will make a contrasting 'outline'.
Sand edges again if needed.

4th Step:
Using the Crop-a-dile, punch a hole in one of the 'petals'.
Attach the Bull Dog Clip with a Bazzill Big Brad and Tie the ribbon on the Clip.

Last Step:
Cut a bunch of Magnet strips and adhere to the back of the Flower Shape.

That's it!
You have just created a Fun Magnet for your Fridge to hang your childs school work/notes or things to do list.
This would also make a great gift for a friend or teacher.

Let's see what you can dream up with your Making Memories 8" Shapes and Letters!

Have a great one!


stacy said...

This is super cute!!

em said... my mind was..."this was super cute" but Stacy took that I'll say...."This is adorable!!!

Audrey said...

Great idea for teacher's gift!!!

Michele Reed said...

what an excellent idea!! love it!